Anyone else finding the L3 formulas tougher than L2? There were way more on L2, but I found myself understanding the L2 formulas more and really didn’t have to memorize long equations since I understood what I was trying to do. But for L3, I’m finding myself having to memorize arbitrary duration and derivatives equations that don’t make much intuitive sense to me. Anyone else having this experience?

Somewhat. The L2 formulas as you pointed out were pretty straightforward and I didn’t have trouble keeping track of all of them. For L3, I keep finding formulas that I’ve never seen before. I decided to (hopefully it works) to confront this problem by going through all the CFAI EOC Q’s and the examples in the book. I already made a thread about it; I’m pretty annoyed with the number of swap formulas there appears to be.

The only formulas that are really ugly for L3 are w/ performance attribution. None of it’s really that bad once you’ve written them out a few times.

Compared to L2, the formulas don’t seem too bad at all.

Yes the performance attribution section is a killer…anyone have a good way/advice to tackle this (other than to suck it up and study it over and over again)?

We should start writing the formulas over here, make it a one stop formula pit. :slight_smile: