Fort Worth TX

Anyone on here reside in Fort Worth? I’ll be there week of 6/24

Don’t live there, but been there many many times. Used to live about an hour and a half from there. And that’s the closest major city to where I live now (300 miles).

What do you want to know? Need places to go or things to see?

DFW in the house! Though I prefer D to FW. Go see where JFK was assinated and then get some brisket bro.

Go to Jerryworld. You can tour it for $25. You get to go to Mr. Jones’s private suite, and go to the player’s locker room and America’s Sweethearts’ locker room. You get your picture on the 50-yard line, too, as part of the package.

Even if you don’t like the Cowboys, the stadium is pretty impressive.

^ Regarding CFAvsMBA’s suggestion, the Third Floor Museum is an awesome exhibition and definitely something you shouldn’t miss. It’s also situated right across from the grassy knoll near where JFK was infamously shot.

Fort Worth itself has pretty good bar and restaurant scene; also just worth walking through the Stockyards to get a flavor for what historical Fort Worth was like. The Kimbell Art Museum and Bass Performance Hall are also good things to check out; you’ll just be arriving a couple weeks late for the Van Cliburn Piano Competition, which I would say is a “can’t miss” if you have any interest in classical music at all.

I’m based in New York now, but lived in the DFW for three years and had a terrific time there.

I’ve never eaten here, but it’s supposedly one of the top 10 steakhouses in the nation. My brother-in-law (who lives in FW) says it’s by far the best steak he’s ever eaten. They have a location in downtown FW in the Omni hotel.

And this is one of my favorite restaurants in the world. The owner is from Nigeria, and used to set up 401k plans for hospitals (really smart guy). He wanted to open a restaurant, but the bank wouldn’t loan him any money, because he had no experience and restaurants have a high failure rate. But they agreed to loan him money to buy the gas station. So he bought the gas station and put the restaurant inside of it.

It’s changed a lot, but when I first went there, it looked like a real gas station. Folding tables, folding chairs. Tile floors. Get your own refills out of the fountain (just like if you had stopped for gas). Shelves full of Snickers, Planter’s peanuts, and Wrigley’s chewing gum. And the most awesome food I had eaten in a long time. The bread pudding is probably my favorite desert ever, from anywhere in the world.

Ever had a chicken fried steak? If you drive 75 miles west, you can eat at Mary’s. They have the best CFS I have ever eaten. It’s probably the best in Texas, which means it’s probably the best in the world.

Things to do / see. Ill have some free time Monday, Tuesday, and Friday

^nevermind my prior post - thanks for the thoughts I’ll def have to check out some of these places.

I would second the Bob’s rec. I have been there a few times, but not the one in Ft. Worth. I probably put it and JRs up as my top two favorite steakhouses.

What is JR’s? Is it in FWAD?

Or are you talking about Junior’s in Brooklyn? I thought that was the place for cheesecake.

JR’s is decent, but I would have to say that your visit to Fort Worth would probably not be complete without a visit to the Reata.

Third Floor Museum is certainly worth a visit, I’ve gone a couple of times.