Forum consensus on effectiveness of CFAI Mock and Sample, Schweser, Stalla

(50% satire…50% truth) CFA Mock - Too easy. Scoring 80+ = roughly 55%~ on the real thing Schweser Exam Book 1: Too easy as well, too many calculations. 0 bearing on actual exam Schweser Exam Book 2: Unnecessarily hard trivia, disregard unless a retaker. Still 0 bearing as too many calcs. Stalla - Too easy, same as schweser Schweser mock: Ethics is indicative of the real thing. Other parts too straightforward or badly worded. CFAI Sample: Legitimate test of skill. Even so, somewhat limited. That’s the feeling I’ve been getting. How about you? Disclosure: I’m scoring in what would be the “kinda screwed” range of 80 on all of the above