Forum Issue (IP Blocked), any help appreciated?

Logged back with fear of losing my account. It’s like being deprived of oxygen!! Couple of my friends complained that their accounts have been blocked and they are not able to login to this forum. They were all very active posters and did not breach any AF rule (lol) This is the error message , if any technician could help them out. “Your IP address, domain or ISP has been blocked. Please contact the forum administrators” Anyone else faced any such kind of issue before? - Dinesh Sundrani

If you sign up for, you can access your home computer remotely from work. That should bypass the firewall block on the site.

I work at a bulge bracket and am seemingly randomly blocked. No idea what causes it… I tried to reply to your post once and was blocked… opened another AF window and am posting now… The same thing happens to me on a regular basis, so I normally just wait to post form home. Anyway, it’s due to your (company) firewall, not being banned.

i can finally log in!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Thanks Dinesh!