Forum Participation Behavior

I’m seeing a distinct behavioral pattern here, where active pre-exam posters are muted post-exam (before and after results release), and vice versa.

Anyone else feel the same? What do you think is the reason?

First of all, why does that matter???

Second of all, why does that matter???

And finally, I could think of a dozen possible (and somewhat obvious) explanations but again why in the world does that matter??

I also have observed a behavioral pattern, the more time there is until the CFA exam, the more meaningless BS is discussed in the forum.

Not that I would dare to tell you what to spend your energy on, but I am pretty sure, there are million more important questions to discuss for the forum about the CFA exam (and about life in general) than this question. For instance, who shot Kennedy?? Or, why do we wear seatbelts in cars or airplanes but not on the bus???

Human psychology is fascinating, isn’t it?


Post results, survivorship bias one can understand.

It’s more like - “I have a life. My life does not revolve around Analyst Forum .”

I was comparing the number of entries in the recent result thread between L1 and L2 exams.

In L1 ‘Did you Pass the Exam’ thread, only 33 people replied so far. The pass rate for L1 was 43%

In L2 ‘Official Results Thread’, a total of 270 people replied so far. The pass rate for L2 was 46%.


I dunno… Maybe it’s cause people who didn’t pass don’t want to expose themselves to the cruelty and arrogance that is all too common on Analyst Forum.

Just a guess.

Makes sense. I think that since most L1 users are also new, they tend to keep it strictly “professional” without much chit chat. Which I guess changes with time.

On the numbers, could be due to that particular batch. Even pre-exam, I noticed lot more friendliness and participation in June 2016 L2 forum. Which could’ve carried forward.