Forum questions

Maybe some dumb questions -

  1. Where is the forum to answer forum-related questions? Most BBSes usually have one. (Kids, a BBS is what we used to call forums back in the day…) Assuming there is none…

  2. How do I check if someone has replied to my posts? (Quickly, without going through all forums)

  3. How do I jump to threads that I have been active on?

Not dumb questions at all. Usually people use the Water Cooler to discuss the forum functionality. Regarding your other two questions, I’ve been thinking about adding a sub-page on each member’s profile area which will collect this info for you. I’ll check with Chad to see if he’d like to implement something like this in the not-distant future.

Regarding question 3, if you go to My Account >Track you can see all the threads in which you posted, and it shows how many new messages are there for each thread as well.

Thanks David and Crazyman!