forums to practice Level 3

I study the level 3 text, but find it is quite academic, I want to put the theory into practice, I go to some investment forums, but most questions regarding equity and derivative questions are quite naive. when I raise question: how to manage duration based on non-parallel shift of mid-term yield while maintain daily liquidity for 50 bil USD fix income portfolio in real life, no one respond for half an year. I want to discuss with some industrial proffessionals(prefer succesful hedge fund , fixed income or mutual fund managers), any forum to recommend, I really want to share and get some real life high level investment knowledge

i suggest you contact me at

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Here’s a forum for you - Go find a job in that area and you’ll get all the discussion and learning you can handle.

Hi dude. You have to be more specific. You’re basically asking how to be a bond portfolio manager. There isn’t really any way to concisely answer this question.

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I 'm a wolf far away from crowd, I only exchange valuable investment idea with professional managing sizable assets, those forum you mentioned are suitable for ordinary,

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francisgy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I think I’m better than everybody else, but I don’t know how to use the internet, those forum you mentioned > are suitable for ordinary, I fixed your post.