Forward Rate Agreements

There are some examples in Schweser, but no LOS that says that we need to calculate this stuff. Can anyone confirm?


I’m finding lots of different calculations in certain sections where quite frankly they aren’t in any LOS. In fact, I’d wager to guess that we won’t see all that many calculation questions outside of the main topic areas such as Performance Attribution, Adjust a portfolio’s Beta/Duration etc… Even on the Risk Management side (Session 13), I just can’t see that stuff being on the exam because many of those are extremely time consuming ie: Interest Rate Caps, Floors

we always overestimate the quantitative part of the exam. for level 1 and 2, i didn’t use my calculator as much as i expected. it’s more conceptual

> it’s more conceptual That’s what I heard about L3 too, but there are quite a few calculations in sample/mock exams.

Its Schwesar…they cut corners. They reuse a lot of questions from prior years, especially their “advanced” / item set questions. If an advanaced question had a particular LOS targeted from prior years, that has now been removed as an LOS by CFA, Schwesar will likely not remove that question. And FRA’s are one of them. If you look at the real books the CFA gave, you will see that section is an optional read. They had an LOS on it last year…but they cut it out this year