forward vs futures price difference

Can someone help with inputs on why and how would one prefer either futures or forwards depending on interest rate and asset values correlation?

Thanks very much for your help

Wit futures, you have to put up margin in the account before trading any futures. For every futures instrument, you have to put up a certain amount for margin. If the futures price goes in your favor the “profit” is added to your account, which you earn daily interest on it. So, if interest rates are rising, you earn more because the interest rate itself is higher, but also because the asset (the futures) is rising in price and adding money to your account. So, if interest rates are positively correlated with the asset’s price, you’re in good shape and you want to use futures. Forwards don’t have that feature…you have to wait till contract expiration to make any gain/loss.

Thanks very much Dreary! This was helpful