Found purealpha in real life

Not sure how many of follow Reddit but there is a subreddit called “TheRedPill” which is basically a lot of jaded men that feel slighted against by feminism and use it to justify their warped “sexual strategy” the majority of it comes off like whining and it seems unlikely many of them actually get laid, but the creator of the sub was recently outed as a New Hampshire state rep (which apparently doesnt mean much as they have 400 for a state of ~1.5mm)


If you click through to some of the articles youll get the same smugness you see with PA, alas we know who he is. A guy who purchased someone else’s very small business & now brags to women he is a big shot business owner (then wonders online why they reject his “Alphaness”)

Some selected goodies:

"Fisher wrote about how his existential crisis plunged him into a depression, worsened by a difficult breakup.

“I felt so damaged that indeed I saw the public as the enemy. I did what a good engineer does. I identified the system, and started building rules to encounter various forms of damage that may occur in the future,” Fisher wrote. “But the damage I wanted to avoid was emotional hurt towards me. I had never known so much pain from somebody so close to me; I wanted to avoid that like it was death itself.”"

Another (where he also considers himself a lawyer of sorts):

"“There is literally no legal protection I can think of that could eliminate the risk of a previous sexual partner of mine falsely accusing me of rape, no matter what the circumstances. I now have a video recorder in my room,” “Put a sign on your front door, this premises is under video surveillance. By entering, you consent to being video and audio taped.

Had a chuckle reading this all last night, sorry to DOX you PA but you been FOUND OUT!

LOL, okay…I don’t have time to read all this though, if you could make a summary. :bulb:

you can read the selected quotes, they are pretty funny. Summary: Guy complains about women, who he feels he is superior to. Also complains about other men, who he feels superior to.

Does Reddit actually count as real life?

not in the slightest, much like AF doesnt. But its funny to see people who talk such a big game and see their private posts. If mine came out sure I would have a few silly ones on here and reddit I am sure but I am also not hiding behind 20 usernames acting like I am the worlds leading philosopher about how the world is stacked against the white male in todays society. Its the smug attitude and general douchebaggery that sets it apart. Filming women hes having sex with to “protect himself” from false rape charges? Or was he just a creep filming women likely illegally and cranking one off to it after & posting it online? Its likely well over half the stuff he posted about is BS just to sound cool, which is equally as funny.

Hmm, I think this is about the destruction of gender relations in the USA right?

Master forecaster called that long ago. Analyst face --> :sunglasses:

Yes a lot of posts complaining about the natural order of things

^ Isn’t it progressives who complain about the natural order of things? :bulb:

How is “fixing things” going? :wink:

PureAlpha needs a girlfriend.

Found a blue piller

Statement isn’t completely false, but does girlfriend need purealpha…

I find it humorous that “the red pill” men’s rights movement takes its name from The Matrix, a movie created by the Wachowskis who are both trans women.


I had no idea

The wachowskis are flat out racist scum hiding behind their warped idea of progressivism. Fuck em!!

^ You just hate transgendered people.