Founding a Charity

Has anyone ever done this? What are the steps? I am thinking about starting a charity / non-profit in my area that will give bicycles away to underprivileged kids. A buddy of mine is really good at fixing up old bikes and there are plenty of old junkers to find out there that could be made whole again…

Yeah I’ve given a lot of thought to this since I just have so much money to give away right now.

You’re a good guy, fxguy1234.

I’m also interested in knowing more about this if anyone has successfully set one up

My friends and I were planning to start one, helping raise money for tools to build houses in Cambodia through Habitat for Humanity. F’ing CFA

To do it the right way: go to to get an TIN. apply for a non-profit corporate status with your state, it should be no more than 30 mintues online process. Open an account with any finanical instituion…then hit the payment and ask for donations. Good luck!!

My roomate and I want to start one, organizing deep sea fishing trips for inner city kids in NYC. How fun would that be - talking to some captains of the fishing boats and getting them to let inner city kids on the boats for a day out on the sea. Good times in the sun, i’m sure some hot chicks would want to come out on the boat to ‘volunteer’ and get some rays, and if we were a charitable organization, we could probably legally have the fishing boats offset some of their operations costs for the day as a writeoff to charity.

sublimity Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > You’re a good guy, fxguy1234. Thanks sublimity. I just really got back into biking (mountain and cycling) an remember how fun riding bikes was when I was a kid. I probably spent more on my road bike than some of the poorer families make in several months. I’d also figure it would be easy (maybe not as easy as I think) to get a lot of pro bono services and goods to run the charity. (i.e web design, donations from local bike shops, etc…) Thanks for the input everyone…

Check out this place: It was fairly popular in Portland. Used to be called the Yellow Bike Project (because all of their bikes were painted yellow). History of it all:

cool… very good resources. Thanks

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