Four months of our lives....

…on the line in just over 24 hrs. 450+ hours later, still can’t tell whether I make or break. And of course just about anyone in the entourage going “oh you’ll do fine I’m not even worried”


I’m nt someone who watches a lot of movies but I was made to watch Hunger Games recently - I woke up feeling like that fight is abt to start

I have mild panic attack today and I’m a person who is always calm before exams. I can’t even remember being nervous before my university exams. Well, CFAI L2 has changed that. That’s because of the volume- it’s just too huge. And of course these f*cking traps and tricks…Anyway, just do your best tomorrow and be proud of yourself no matter of the exam results. Lots of people in the finance industry worldwide wouldn’t be able pass L2 exam even on second or third attempt.

Yeah I know how you feel…I’m sitting here going through subjects in my mind thinking “holy crap I’ve forgotten X” or "“Jesus I’ve totally forgotten how to calculate Y”.

I go between making mad dashes around the curriculum trying to brush up, and then just sitting there trying to be cool as a cucumber.

Can’t wait until this is over. I’m hoping the old adage of “the only thing to fear, is fear itself” will come into play and that the exam won’t be crazy hard…if you’ve put the work in, I’m hoping it should be ok…

Famous last words…

Exactly! I was always quite relaxed before uni exams, and before CFA 1 as well actually. But L2… I have trouble staying sane, haven’t slept well for 3-4 nights now…

I’m actually more relaxed for L2 than I was for L1 . Because of the volume of the material, there’s no angst about needing to spend more time to study because the return on time spent is so futile, and the breadth of what they can ask you on test day is so massive. I’m just hoping for the best.

I’d like to see a chart of my caffeine intake in the last few weeks. I’m probably through the chart right now. Even after my daughter was born I was sleeping better than currently.

Four months? Definitely more like 7 months for me. Good luck to al tomorrow.

I was saying this to someone last night. If the CFA magically told me I had another month to prepare if I want I’m not even sure I’d take it. And that’s not even close to me saying I feel ready or confident, it’s just exactly what you said… I’ve definitely hit the point of diminishing marginal return with this exam.

Today will be a long day. Really looking forward to this being over.

I dont knwo what to do. I was thinking of watching a movie but I would feel bad if i dont read something

It’s hard to stop stuyding for sure. When I scan down the list of threads, 1/2 the time, I’m like Oh F* what’s that? There is definitely diminishing marginal returns to studying. Flipping through the 11th Hour Guide just makes me more anxious. I seriously can’t remember anything. I’m going to be winging it tomorrow. Whatever. I know so much more than I did earlier this year.

It’s always funny when your friends say “you’ve been studying for four months, you’ll be fine” when in reality they have no idea what it’s like

Yeah, I try to keep my whining or even talking about the CFA to a minimum around people who have no idea what it is… because what could be more dull for someone else? But for my close friends and family I do get a lot of that.

However I had one buddy say to me yesterday straightout “well, don’t f*ck it up”. That’s been my favorite advice so far. I had to just laugh and I felt better.

I made a lot of friends these last 4 months… You guys! All for one, one for all.

I find that comment from your friend actually less pressurizing. At least, there’s no ill-guided presumption that you ought to pass because you’ve put in so much time and sacrifice. A co-worker (Charterholder) told me last week: “well CFA’s overrated anyways…”. I still struggle to interpret that one coming from a Charterholder. Not saying he might not be at least partly right but why would you go through all this and then devalue the outcome?