Fox business new Jim Cramer commercial Thrashing Cramer on his picks.

Fox is desperate for viewers bottom line… I never watch their biz network, I stick to Bloomberg and watch CNBC occasionally with a couple of grains of salt when I’m in need of some liveliness, character, and a change of pace. You can hate Cramer but never has there ever been a person on TV for an hour EVERYDAY that has been dedicated to giving stock picks. Just for pure statistical reasons over 50% of his picks can’t be correct. You can watch his show to get “ideas”, hear what he has to say, and if something sparks your interest- DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and act accordingly. I’m sorry- dumb Americans have somehow picked Cramer as their Financial advisor and buy when he says so, and sell when he says so. Take responsibility for your own actions. And I dare someone else to give tips everyday, they’d get burnt as well… “You win some, you lose some buddy- but you keep on fighting”- Gekko