Fox News Fair and Balanced

[video: width:400 height:400]DId you guys see this? lol

Wow! She was the one with clear agenda. Kudos to him for not snapping at her. I would.

She’s so dumb. (no offense to the dumb people out there)

If dumb people need a spokesperson, she is available!

Yea I thought he handled it very well

The guy was full of himself. How many times did he mention he was a PHD. Douche.

People with PHDs generally tend to value themselves slightly higher. But i think in this case he was just defending himself.

yeah right, either Top 2 MBA and 3/3 CFA or hacksaw… who cares about PhD and 20 years of research, at least she doesn’t.

His point was that his Ph.D. Should be more important than the fact that he is a muslim in evaluating whether his opinions have any value. However, I thought that he did belabor the point a bit much. He should have pointed out that her arguments were rubbish and based on some hearsay. The problem is that Ph.D.s spend ttoo much time around other smart people and need to remember that dumb people need to be told to their face that they are idiots and full of half-baked impulses that the mistake for thought.

Exactly my thoughts too

Ditto. I’m amazed how he kept his cool.

He sounds snotty.

Theres a simple answer though. Muslims believe in Jesus.

Not sure how any academic can be Christian or religious in general.

^ Unless they are theologists

I read somewhere recently (can’t remember where–wish I could) that there was a study done of folks who have PhD’s in the maths and sciences. The question was whether they were religious, or believed in God. (Not necessarily the Christian or Muslim God, just some creature who was almighty and all-powerful.)

The responses were surprisingly mixed–about 1/3 believed in God (or were religious), 1/3 believed that there was NO God, and 1/3 said they didn’t know.

So, to say that to be academic is to be atheist is wholly incorrect. There are just as many religious academics as there are atheist ones.

I suspect that the proportion of non-academics who believe in god is much higher than 1/3.

He’s the kind of guy that wouldn’t stop talking about his accomplishments during a date. Avoid those guys Krnyc.

I am surprized they answered the question at all - I was expecting academics to ask back “What is your definition of God”?

People’s definitions range from “an old bearded guy in robes who lives in the sky in a house called Heaven” to “an omnipotent formless entity that created the universe, life and death but does not care a whit about your personal problems”. How do you even know what the questioner has in mind?

Yeah, I try to avoid guys that take themselves too seriously, but it’s hard to recognize them until the actual date. And then it becomes a very looooong date. I was lucky though - only happened once to me:)

Actually, the guy had an AMA session on Redditt this morning. He clarified that he was defensive from the get go because he knew what he was walking into. That’s the whole reason why he actually starts off by highlighting his credentials, right outta the gate. Of course, it may be beyond you, but all you’d have to do is watch this show a few times… the whole reason they bring people on is to attack them.

Regardless of their tactics, Fox News is the top money making channel out there. Shit sells, and sells well.