Fox News most trusted information source on Obamacare

“The latest research from YouGov shows that when Americans are asked to pick the one source of information about the new health care law that they trust the most, Fox News Channel (also known as Fox News) tops the list. Most trusted by 19% of Americans, the basic cable news channel narrowly beats out ‘friends and family’ (17%). President Obama (11%) is the third most trusted source, followed by National Public Radio (10%) and people’s own insurance companies (9%).”

Interesting that only 9% of people think that insurance companies are the best source of information about insurance.

wow really? Obama is still trusted on healthcare?

I’m surprised Charlie Rose didn’t make the top 3.

Interesting that CNN and MSNBC don’t even make the list. People actually listen to NPR?

I get all my news from AF

Does the WSJ count as Fox News? If so, add me to the 19%.

This country is pretty much f*cked.