Fox vs. ESPN

My local sports radio station (yes, we only have one out here) changed at the first of the year from ESPN to Fox. I couldn’t be happier. Get to listen to Dan Patrick (who’s not technically Fox, but they still air him, nonetheless), Cowherd, and Skip Bayless (whom I like. I did NOT like Stephen A. Smith.).

No more Bomani Jones and Dan Le Retard (thank God).

The only ESPN show that I like anymore is Mike & Mike, which is officially going away later this year. And I can listen to them on the ESPN website.

(edit - I do like Stugotz, too. It’s unfortunate that I have to listen to Le Retard to hear him, though.)

ESPN can disappear at this point, not really sure when/why it happened but they tried to “grow” by turning sports into a TMZ style celebrity fest and it really ruined everything. Its wht happens to all these networks in the name of corporate growth they abandon their core userbase and become irrelevant. Discovery Channel comes to mind, that used to be an awesome channel.

How can you like Skip Bayless?

Cowboys fan

He’s easy to like when he’s not around SAS.

Plus he’s a Cowboys/Spurs fan.

I always wonder who listens to these guys who talk non-stop sports when I see them on the TV at the gym. It’s usually 2 guys arguing about some stupid aspect of a game like a questionable foul or the off court/field conduct of a player while some hot chick sits in between and nods her head but never says a word.

Read this the other day: If the Bloodhound Gang sang about doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel now, they’d be talking about having sex with crab fisherman and gold miners.

Throwback time.


Gettin’ horny now!!!

And if they sang about doing it like they do on the History Channel, they’d be talking about having $ex with aliens. How preposterous the entertainment and news industries have become would be funny if it wasn’t actually worrisome. :confused:

Ok, so here’s a short story for you all.

My wife insists on music during sex (unless we’re someplace unusual, like the laundry room or something). I don’t really care. I’m fine watching reruns of the $10,000 pyramid, but whatever. Normally she uses her phone since it has more of her type of music on it (obviously). Well, about a month ago we were getting down to business but she didn’t have her phone on her so she asked me to play something. We were already, uh, ready to go so I just played the first thing I found…The Bloodhound Gang. At first she didn’t recognize it, but about five second in when they whisper “gettin’ horny now” she became…displeased with me. Even after all these years, she still doesn’t truly appreciate my sense of humor.

And, no, I did not get to do it like they do on the Discovery Channel that day.

ah man 90s nostalgia is the best. No 9/11 or ISIS, no alt right, no PC bullshit. The biggest political concerns were the Prez getting his knob bobbed meanwhile stock market was booming and internet porn revolutionizing teenage masturbation. It was like the renaissance before society dipped into the dark ages.

Why the need for music? Is she a moaning myrtle and you have kids/neighbors close? I just realized I still have a bloodhound gang pandora station, last listened to in 2009. I think this calls for another amazing single.


^She just digs music during sexy time. Every once and a while I convince her to put it on the 80’s station. Then I’m all like:

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