FP&A Analyst options

Hi all,

I am wondering which of the below 2 FP&A Analyst opportunities (in Australia) would better prepare me for a future executive role.

  1. A national retailer with revenue $570m, PE backed. The FP&A team has 4 including the manager. The role seems to also include sales forecast though I don’t know to what extent. They use Power BI and plan to expand to SQL and Alteryx. I was told there would be opportunities to assist Ops in their projects down the track.

  2. Mature medical device manufacturer, also do SaaS healthcare. Globally listed, HQ in the US though started in Sydney where the Australian HQ is, market cap ~$30b in each. Global sales $3bn. The Fp&A role is in Operations so I think it’s on the expense side. They use many tools but I am not sure what is used the most in this role. The team in Ops currently has 3. The biggest FP&A team is in the US.

The JD is quite similar and the differences were mentioned above to my best knowledge.

This will be my first FP&A role and I don’t plan to stay in either industry for life, but rather want to develop skills that are transferable to any industry in FP&A. Ultimate goal would be CFO/COO.

I’ve read a couple of threads about similar topics but would appreciate any advice.