FP&A to ER

Looking to break in as an entry level associate. I do a lot of modeling, budgeting, forecasting, and more modeling for a private, middle-market, $200mm+ company in specialty automotives. I have a year and a half of experience > How big of a leap is this? What skills can I lever? Looking at non bulge brackets and private ER boutiques. Would passing level 2 help bypass a slightly more experienced candidate?

Comments much appreciated,

forgot to mention:

looks: dashing

build: lean

age: 23

personality: likeable to very likeable

breed: Anglo-Saxon

patriotism (Benedict Arnold —> John Hancock scale): Paul Revere

humor: yes


do you have a good buttocks?

small, but firm

No advice but this thread did make me lol

You’d be suprised how important this is in finance.

Top 5 MBA > CFA > good buttocks > CPA > Hacksaw MBA > Claritas


Attractive young WASP with firm butt and humour = highly employable.

in addition to viceroy, looking good on that front. not sure how applicable your modeling and finance knowledge is at this point but if you hustle hard you should be able to find something.

L2 will help but i know no one in Toronto would bat an eye to that one. Just depends on your region really.

I would say play the long game. Start networking and having coffee chats, in 6 months time you should have let most ER guys in your area know you’re setting yourself up to get in and maybe something will have opened up by then. Don’t push for a job right now, show your intent, get your name out there, get L2, and build up your skills/sample reports. By the 2 year mark you will look a lot better on paper and people will know your dedication because you’ve been working the circuit with your schoolboy ass.

Specialty automotives. Yugh. I’ve seen folks exit top oil firm FP&A for ER, I’ve seen it happen in utilities/pipelines. Often your best move is to leverage your industry knowledge, IMO, especially if you’re from an industry with unique dynamics.

i know my best bet is covering some sort of auto industry to build off my knowledge but as an entry level associate does past experience weigh in heavily? curious as most entry level candidates will only have 1-3 years work experience