FRA & CF before Quant. Any Problem?

I want to study FRA and CF before doing Quants. is it OK? Or any of those are related with Quant and/or are a prequisite. Need help.

its what I did - no problem.

Yes, no problem. Quants is a stand-alone subject.

the way the schweser things structure quant and just looking through the cfa eoc , its pretty neat. It kinda sets out how you should learn it:

A) learn to calculate the regression

B) test the regression

C) identify issues with the regression

D) fix the issues with the regression

Schweser structure all their notes like that and the questions in the EOC are all like that. Very handy.

random tip.


Is the quants like what is used in Phd research ? How many hours are required for QR

It definitely took me 50-100% longer to go through the L2 quant versus L1…some of the hypothesis testing throws me for a loop still…I had not seen this material prior to opening the book. But I do agree, Schweser does a good job of laying it out…CFAI book was confusing to me at first.

Thegeneral how many days/ Hours u feel are needed for QT devil

Took me a week- videos, study guides and CFA EOCs

Week is not much man . Heard QT and FI are the real killers in L2 surprise

I’d say two weeks of studying 1 hour on workdays, and 10-15 hours on the weekends. If you haven’t seen this stuff before its going to take some time to nail down, but my guess is fixed income will be harder.

You can study Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Equity before you do Quant. The FRA/CF/Eq material does not build on the quant material. Neither does the Fixed Income/Derivatives/Alternatives material.

However, you MUST study Quant and Econ before you study Portfolio Management. PM is nothing more than applied Quant/Econ.

Ok thanks i will follow the sequence of qunats- eco- PM yes

I just finished FRA textbook, there’s nothing that’s related to Quant from what I can recal. I agree with the previous posts that Quant in level 2 seems a killer if you have never learned it before.

Wait till you get to derivatives. You will yearn for the company of quant…