FRA CFAI Ecosystem Practice Test - Curicullum Disconnect? DISHEARTENED

good day guys,

my bad for haven’t been online for quite a while, but have you ever questioned the FRA practices on the website? issues are as follows:

  1. there are so many employment based compensation questions that aren’t even on the curriculum i have read, IT EVEN INCLUDES A BLACK SCHOLES FORMULA.

  2. also includes finding the total of the compensation based on some line items. i have only studied what i thought i needed (mastered periodic pension costs, tppc, etc.) – which is the entire chapter i believe

  3. i’ve encountered the dreaded SEK/Ericsson practice again, i was able to get around this in my last exam take but forgot all about it now. is it worth it to go through this again?

bottomline, i’m completely disheartened by all this that i think i missed in the readings, but most certain that i did not. i got high scores from all the practice exams except for this one on the CFA website. am i not prepping well enough?

did you guys also question the curriculum disconnect? seems only present on the FRA, all my other practice scores on other topics are pretty okay. i use Schweser.