FRA CFAI topic test on website

Hi all,

I was doing a few exercises about FRA on the CFA website. I find they are very, very tough! In the end i start guessing the answers. I understood the theory and I did not bad on the schweser EOC question, but now I am far away.

Someone else had the same experience or am I really unprepared?

Yes, they are much harder.

Yes in my opinion they are, and I am also very worried! I didn’t expect to have such problems. But at the moment it’s the only topic, the others are a bit better.

Do you have any advice on what should I focus? Just to remember all the formula in FRA (for example pension plan) is tough…

You must remember the formulas. Best way is to practice. Some will stick. For those that don’t, create mnemonics or do some pure memory work.

The best way is to learn by practice.

Yeah the topic tests are pretty tough. Past ancedotal evidence points to these being more difficult than the exam, but who knows. I averaged 68.07% across all sections (339 of 498) assuming I counted all the marks correctly, which I didn’t feel too bad about. My worst section was Fixed Income which I continue to struggle with conceptually.

Anyhoo, all you can do is keep practicing vignettes. Pound them out and you’ll get there.

68% it’s a very good result! I am around 60-65% for all the topics except FRA… where for the first three vignette that I did I am really bad at the moment (< 50%)