FRA Critical Ratios

The Schweser notecard gives about 25 critical ratios on the condensed note card. How many of these need to be memorized…please don’t tell me all of them?!

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sorry to say but you should know pretty much every accounting ratio back and forth - you need them for all 3 levels. look for patterns that make it easier to memorize.

It helps to put them into categories and think through what kinds of things they measure. For example ROE and ROA are similar except for how they treat leverage and measure rates of return. Current ratio and Quick Ratio are similar except that QR ignores inventories. Etc. They are all fair game, but some are more important than others and will come up more often in problems. One thing that threw me while I was studying for L1: The financial leverage ratio and the debt/equity ratio are NOT the same number (I kept plugging D/E into the Dupont Model for a while). They measure pretty much the same thing, and you can compute one from the other, but they are not the same number.