FRA: EOC vs Examples in the CFA book: Which one is more representative?

Not sure, if it is me, but somehow finding EOC much easier than the examples in the chapters of the CFA book. Mainly in Investments in associates, pensions and multinational operations topics.

Any idea, which one is more representative for the exam?

The EOCQ’s for reading 27 kicked my ass, hard. I wonder if those are the most representative. It took me ages to figure out problem 16… it assumes they borrowed to buy those receivables.

I think you can get an idea of what is most representative by looking at the mock exams?

IMO , EOCs are more representative and I suspect few might be from older exams . examples are more in detail

I think as far as difficulty, the EOC are more representative while the in chapter blue box questions are more involved calculations to outline the concepts. However, the EOC’s might not cover all the topics so it’s also good to take a look at the blue box questions to have a rough understanding at the very least.

EOC are more relevant to the exam but examples must be gone through for better understanding of the topic.