FRA / Equities - best guess of must know material

Hey All, I’m crash reviewing FRA & Equities for the last time. What is everyone’s best guess of *** Must Know*** formulas/concepts in these 2 subjects?

From FRA, I’m guessing study session 6 relating to intercorporate investments, post-employment employment & multinational operations.

From Equities, I’m guessing study session 12 regarding market-based valuation/price and enterprise value multiples.

I haven’t worked my way through all of the CFAI practice sessions/mocks & 3rd party mocks like some of you guys have. Must be nice to be able to slack off this upcoming week! :slight_smile:

session 6_ is too broad… you need to be thinking about which LOS is most testable and most important within each reading…

the problem is that even if you knew (calculate FIFO RE from Lifo data) would be on the exam, the actual question will relate to describing how some random ratio will change in an environment of decreasing prices -or whatever… youll have seen it before but the wording and context will be different.