FRA - Pension - Schweser 14.6 Questions

Hello, could someone please help me understand Questions 1 and 3 in this problem section (14.6 in Schweser):

Q1 specifies that there were no deferred or unamortized amounts as of January 1, 2019. But in the question, there is clearly a difference between Expected return and Actual return. Since this is under U.S.GAAP, should we not use the corridor approach to figure out the actuarial gain/loss for the year 2019? So even if the question states that there were no unamortized amounts as of Jan 2019, could there not be amortization from actuarial gain/loss during the year 2019?

Q3 similarly, to find TPPC, should I not include any actuarial gain/loss arising from differences in the expected return and the actual return? Or is that only relevant for PPC in P&L and not for TPPC, which is the true cost for the period?

Thank you in advance!