Question: Anyone with an idea of the most/least important FRA sections? Ideally a % split on what’s going to be tested more intensively? I guess long lived assets and LIFO/FIFO stuff won’t be tested that extensively, given we’ve done pieces of it in L1. Or may be not.

Reason: My leave request for the last two weeks got turned down (it’s fine, shit happens!), so having to reorganise my schedule and cut down on the time I was hoping to spend doing Qbank

As always, appreciate all the comments and suggestions

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do not try to game FRA, it’s the most important key to passing after EQ. If you want to skip material I’d suggest PM,QUANT,ECON & DERIVS before missing any FRA.

Count on 4 item sets from FRA. I expect one item set on inventory and long term assets combined, then one each for “the big three” readings of pensions, multi national and investments in associates. Then I would expect them to pepper in earnings quality questions somewhere in those four item sets. You’re better off being strong in FRA and weak in quant or Econ because you get lots of bang for your studying buck in FRA. I wouldn’t skip derv as I’ve heard that they almost always ask 2 items sets on it compared to the one for quant and Econ.

Gotchya, thanks for your comments