I don’t get it.

FSA…i don’t know it. CFA…i won’t pass it.

Funny. Instead of being a jackass why don’t you enlighten us? FRA is a small spot in derivatives which is a small part of the exam anyway.

i was being completely serious, sadly.

i initially read it as “FRA…i don’t know it” just realized he said “FSA” and frankly, same here. i’m going through gdiddy’s FSA thread, and i’m like “wtf is he talking about.” so… FSA…i don’t know it. CFA…i won’t pass it. KJH, my advice is just try and do some practice questions and move on with it. it’s only a small portion.

2 stupid people betting on a future rate buyer bets on float rate seller bets on fixed rate a couple months later, the future float rate is out if float>fixed, buyer wins if fixed>float, seller wins then memorize the formula good luck