Framing CFA Charter - Regret Aversion

Just framed the charter to hang in my office. It feels obnoxiously big. Should I hang it? I am currently a FA and have clients come in my office all the time. I feel like by hanging it I’d be trying to hard to make a statement… lol

Narrow framing bias or just a regret aversion? What’s the point?

Guess I am more curious to know did others frame their charter and hang it or leave it in the tube?

I made a color print copy and got approved by Public notary. The original is in the tube.

I am framing the presentation charter received at the annual society dinner. It is much smaller, akin to a college diploma, and is an exact replica.

I framed some chick from the Stalla book. She just looked so cute in that top.

I was considering attending the presentation just to get this version of the charter to frame. the original is just too big. hopefully CFA increases my salary so I can pay for a frame big enough to hold the Charter

Maybe just make it into origami. Like maybe a turtle.