Franchise Factor, Franchise P/E, Tangible P/E

Where have these terms been discussed? I saw one entire vignette in a mock based on a variety of P/E’s like intrinsic, tangible, franchise, etc etc…

Was this in previous year’s curriculum? Is it covered in 2015?

Would appreciate if anyone who’se re-taking could help…

First time taker here, but I am 99.9999% certain those are not in the 2015 curriculum. If they are then I am missing a book.

I did see something reg franchise P/E in one of the equity vignettes in the on-line practice assessments, no? It was the first time I heard of it… But apparently is not in the curriculum this year (I read it somewhere in AF).

They also included a couple of shitty calculations (maybe the same test because I’ve done 3) reg P/E with inflation, that it’s actually on the official curriculum (next to the Yardeni and Fed Model which I hope they will not ask).

It was a complete KO for me!