Franchise P/E; Intrinsic P/E

Hi all,

I did 2009 mock yesterday. I found some materials that are not covered by Schew Kaplan notes at all. These are franchise P/E, Intrinsic P/E, P/E with inflation effects etc. These materials are briefly summarized in the formula collection, but they are not showed in the notes.

So, do we need to master these concepts and formulas? I also found that notes didnt cover very well materials like fixed-rate —equity return swap. Curriculum presents us some brief formulas which the notes didnt mention at all.

So, whats you guys’ suggestions?

BTW, I found 2009 mock is pretty straightfoward. I got 80/70(4 questions are related to Franchise P/E, which blow down the scores). Is it also with other mocks such as 10, 11, and 12?

I cannot be happy as I should be because I only got 44% on 2011 sample exam.

Your ideas?


hope this helps.