Frankie! Come back!

We haven’t had HCB discussion since you left!

He seems to be taking Kim’s pregnancy really badly.

posts like this make me question your judgement.

I hope Frank didn’t go skydiving with bromion…

We should have an “in memoriam” thread for lost AFers. IHIHM, phillip.platt, Frankie…

kkent, marcus phoenix…


All the women…


bump! Frankie! Come back! We need some pune on the AF island of penile.

Pour out a little for:



R.A.N. CFAvsMBA worked with

Anyone hear any word about Nuppal recently?

^ He moved to France with his family. Still working on his recovery.

Thanks IEV. That’s what I thought but couldn’t recall.

recovery from what? Adderell?

He was in a motorcycle accident and was paralyzed from the waist down.

wasnt that Asset Management?

^ Yes, they are one in the same.