Freaking out for no reason?

About an hour in to the pm session, a proctor walked over to my desk and picked up and looked at my passport. Does this mean they want to write me up to pcp or am I freaking out for no reason?

i definitely didn’t do anything wrong, but looking back I think maybe I stared I to space when thinking over things and me and the tables around me were certainly chatty before and between sessions but we weren’t violating anything information wise.,

So i am hoping that a passport check is just routine procedure?

They check your passport throughout the exam. They checked mine during level 1 and 2 multiple times, they tell you they are going to. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

I caught one proctor staring at me in the PM session, was kind of unsettling, but I just gave her a nasty look, and went back to work on the exam. I think as long as you keep your eye and head down, they’re not going to do anything.

You’re fine… as msc2488 said, they come by and check passports/exam tickets for everyone throughout the exam.

I believe they are supposed to / told to check our passports frequently (for whatever reason). Same thing happened to me… they look at my picture, I smile :slight_smile:

AF you guys are paranoid. They walk around and check your exam ticket/passport again throughout the exam.

I had the proctor come and check my passport, and for a second I thought, “Wait a minute…”. But then I saw her move on to the next desk and do the same. And I went back to writing…

Our proctors checked our passports at the END of the PM session and COUNTED the pages in the test booklet, had never seen that before, for a minute thought I was getting a PCP inquiry.

Yes it’s normal … The proctors were checking our passports and tickets throughout the exam

and ain case a procter wanted to write a report I’m assuming they only check your seat number and then get your name from the list they have

its not counting, shes checking ur passport in case you wrote some cheat or formulas in the pages

Ya don’t worry about it. In the AM session they checked my passport in the first ten minutes. In the afternoon, it was after an hour. It’s more security than the airport.

lol, I don’t get the point either. Its not like I am mysteriously going to disappear and someone else is going to be on my seat.

One proctor got very curious about my name change during my L1 exam. He basically stole 10 minutes of my time with questions, and repetitive checks. But I passed that test)))

i think they are checking to make sure you write the correct candidate code on your answer sheet and then reconciling it with your ticket, and then your passport so that two candidates cant switch.