Freaking out, haven't started!


I just finished my internship, and now have to set my sights on the CFA level 1 in June. I have a very basic background in finance. I have access to kaplan as well as Mark’s videos. What is the best study strategy recommended?

I tried to study the first chapter of FRA via schweser and Mark’s videos, but when it came to the practice questions (provided by Mark), I found myself unable to answer a lot of the questions as they have directly been picked out from content in the CFAI curriculum books that haven’t been mentioned in the Kaplan books at all. Is this just a one off case, or would it be beneficial for me to read the entire CFAI curriculum? I could save a lot of time using just Kaplan.

Please do enumerate the best strategy I could follow, it would be of great help! I am free full time, I can devote 7-8 hours a day on average. Thanks!