Freaking out!!!

Just took two online sample exams at scored and average of 56% ouch!! I made a lot of dumb mistakes but man this is so discouraging. Time to cram like crazy i guess.

Don’t be discouraged… just keep chugging along!

it may be partly because of the instant feedback,IMO.i took cfai 3 sample online exam and missed the first 4 ethics straight -and i was shivering in my pants. just nerves probably. i recovered to score 78.33 with 100% in fsa and economics (how did i!)

yeah i think those online exams are subjective as i tended to rush through them much faster than how i would solve them on paper so for questions i was unsure of i used to look at the right option but choose the wrong one inadvertently. additionally i can go back and change my answers on paper. im with ya highimtom, hang in there buddy. we gotta nail this.

yeh the instant feedback really bugs me too… it seems a psychological thing… if i get heaps correct in a row, i tend to feel like i can give up some or guess more often…whereas if i get heaps wrong in a row, i feel more pressure to get something correct

I somehow like it cuz I know how I’ve been doing so far. I’m going to miss that feature on the test and keep double guessing myself…

When is the last day you can take this exam?

Friday, afaik… I remember seeing somewhere they will be available until the day before the exam.