So I was in the metro the other day sitting behind this indian looking dude.The guy was playing this shark game but after a while decided to watch youtube video’s on his phone without ear phones and then he started laughing so loud I thought he was on something.Then this chick popped in and he gave his seat to her which was weird given all the senior guys standing up all the way.The whackjob started talking to the girl who by putting ear phones on made it clear she is not interested.This dude started doing pull ups on the bar and all this weird calithnetics on the handles.People acted as if he wasn’t there but everyone was kind of freaked out.He got exhausted doing monkey tricks and sat down on the floor, but then somehow worked his way to actually lying on the floor of the train.When people wanted to get off they had to mind their steps since a freak was lying on the floor,bad thing I had to get off early,would have loved to see his next move .

Go home rahul.

Serious - I can confirm that OP is not Rahul. Writing is very different plus some other details.

Wait what… Rahul has moved to USA …

What do you mean by Indian looking dude? He could have been Mexican or paki or SRI Lankan… Long list…

What’s your point, CryBaby?

That’s why I said indian looking.But I assume all those folks are some how one way or anothet indian.amiright ?

Use Uber, that way the hands are on the wheel &not doing pull ups.

In someway, yes, these countries were once a part of India.

That’s what she said.

Social life of some Indians is not , um…, normal.

Now lets look at this from a different angle:

-this act coming from an Indian is weird; but planking, hipster lifestyle or Bernie Sanders are cool.

-child labor in India is abusive, but baby pageants or child actors are cool.

  • teen pregnancy in India is barbaric; but teen pregnancy in the US is a prom night byproduct

Another look from a third angle:

Such freaks exist in every culture. It’s good that they’re around. If they don’t exist, we might become the freaks.

Conclusion : Rahul was fun. He was the Kama Sutra of this Forum. He was f@#kd

^ I wasn’t saying his weird acting was due to him being an indian.Here at the U.S I have seen freaks from every culture &Background and that is what makes it interesting.But to sterotype I would say given the background of people they tend to act like a freak in different ways.

Gotta be a subway thing. I have seen similar freaks “performing” in the subway in Berlin. Normal guy comes in, obviously on his way to work, suit and everything and suddenly he starts singing “I’m a big big girl in a big big world”. But not as a joke, you could see the OCD in his face.


pics or it didnt happen

The P.C. term is Native American