free BA II plus application

I have some free time on my hands and I decided to make a replica application of the BAII plus. I guess it would be most useful for those sneaking behind their boss to study with Vital source and don’t want to have the calculator out on the desk. I posted the first version which took me an hour to make here Maybe 10% of the calculator is complete in this version. I simply intended to use it to show you guys the idea. The finished version would take me a week and will be windows based. It will also not require you to install so you can use it on most work PC’s that have restrictions on install. If you would use this calculator please post “WILLUSE”. I will have a program count the “WILLUSE” posts and if a reasonable number turned up I will put the effort into finishing it up. The program will be free, and I might develop iPhone, Mac, etc versions later. Thank you!

“WILLUSE” am interested in iphone version. thanks!

“WILLUSE” I am definitely on to this (especially an Iphone version)! I’m for anything where I don’t have to make it known that I am studying.

Thanks guys, keep them comming and you will get it ! Just note that the iPhone version won’t be until the windows version has been out and tested to where its behavior exactly matches that of the BA II plus.


“WILLUSE” thanks!