Free CFA L1 books

I have 2006 edition official books for L1 from CFAi. Giving them away for free. If you want them, holler back. You can pick them up from me in Midtown Manhattan, or I can ship them at your expense.

The CFAI books are included with exam registration effective 2008, so all the June and December candidates already have the latest curriculum… On a side-note, I’ve still got my LI 2006 CFAI curriculum, which has the worst cover photography… ever. So I see why you’re trying to give them away. My friends who saw those books would ask me “do you really want to be like that guy?” Consider giving them to a library or recycling them. They’re of no value to current candidates.

Does it include any readings that are also appear in the current curriculum (2008). If yes, I would love to get those books. I can pick them up in Manhattan. Thanks!

Aikacfa, Yes, most of the material is the same. The biggest changes are in Economics section, which has changed to a different textbook last year. BTW, I have that new Econ book they’re using now and can give it to you for 20 bucks. Call me at 212-969-1567 and let me know if you want the Econ book too or not.