Free CFAI Sample exam

I just finished it…86%(which is good), but I got wrong 3 out 0f 6 Fixed Income questions… in particular I’m concerned about the first one (which left me a bit disappointed… I think the focus was on the word “calculations” rather than “CTD”) and the fourth one (very disappounted (I know, the question asked for the payoff of the strategy, however I feel that a strategy involving options should always consider the premium paid: I honestly feel that not considering the premium could even be considered a misrepresentation). What do you think? Should we expect such tricky questions also for the exam?

Ohhh yea, I scored 186%

I can send you the pic if you want…

No, You have done enough already


I am just joking, Congrats, that is a great score.

Thanks :slight_smile: Did you take it already? Did you get those 2 questions right?

Is the free sample exam all multiple choice?

Yes…30 MC questions

from when did they start giving free sample exam. I thought everything costs… can some one let me know if there is sample exam other than the ones that are paid for. thanks

the free exam link was posted on here …I posted the link as well as some body else i think …

MrDonadei, yes i’ve made similar mistakes as you did. Payoff doesn’t consider premium so i got this right.

the point is that when we talk about payoff profiles, the premium is usually included: otherwise the payoff profile of a long straddle/strangle would be seen as having a 0 as worst outcome, but instead the presence of the premium is always made evident. Also, I’m not 100% sure of this, the question was asking for the payoff of the strategy (rather than the option itself)… Let’s hope the exam will ask concepts rather then focus on tricky/misleading details.

thanks. I guess they have given free access to one of the three exams that they have posted in CFAinstitue website. new welcome addition to their way of doing things…