Free Golf Cart

Here is one link of hundreds of links about it …or just Google “Free Golf Carts” for yourself. It is for real! This is how F-ing stupid our government is. As longs as you owed or had paid in $6500 in federal income tax…you could buy an electric cart in lieu of paying the tax…making the golf cart free. There also wasn’t even a limit on the number of carts you could get. A lot of rich people that owed hundreds of thousands in taxes ordered many dozens of the carts so that they did not have to pay any tax at all. Tell me why this policy makes any sense?,,id=214841,00.html

the neighborhood where I live in the summer is crowded with golf carts. people don’t use cars to go to the tennis club or pool - they all have golf carts. their 10 year old kids drive them around too. its ridiculous. a neighborhood with no golf club, yet … fire island seems to have tons of golf carts there now too - it used to be just bikes, but now everyone has a golf cart

Isn’t fire island full of fags?

probably - I didn’t see Anderson Cooper there at the time though.

And Deebo gets mad when poor single mothers gets $300 for foodstamps

I didn’t realize there was a strong golf cart lobbying effort in DC

Hmm. As one of the commenters on that website says "“vehicles manufactured for use on a golf course do not qualify” for this tax credit_._ I am skeptical about the validity of this news report. Neither Fox Business nor a website called “Reaganite Republican” seem like objective critics of public policy.

I do believe that a lot of government spending is wasteful. However, some amount of subsidy is necessary to seed new technologies that are not yet economically viable. Alternative energy for vehicles is one technology that the government should support. Whether the $6500 tax credit is the best way to express this is a debatable matter, of course.

This was true for a brief period of time, but the loophole was closed a couple of years ago. Note that the comments in the article are from 2009.

Anyway the requirement was that the cart had to be street legal. So the notion that rich people get these for free to cart around their estates is false.

There’s an arguement to be made that closed retirement communities should switch to golf cart type vehicles to get around, they’re safer, more enviromentally friendly, and take up less space. So if uncle sam wants to throw .00000000000000000001% of the budget on an expirement to get old people off their 79 caddy’s and into a cart that taps out at 15 mph to get from Dr1 to Dr2 I’m fine with that.

Greenie, we need to know these loop holes.

Ummm…I’ll get right on that.

Along other golf related lines, this reminds me of folks renting out their houses for tax-free income to PGA golfers in Augusta. Not taxable under 14 days I believe? Raking in +15k in tax-free income…not bad

^ That happens at a lot of tour stops, and the price tag can go much higher than $15k. There were some houses around Merion that rented to corporations for $50k and up for US Open week. My understanding is Tiger Woods paid for his rental by having a pool installed.

Incredible… I hear about the players the most, but it makes since that corporations would pay a little more cash for more guests. Tiger’s like “you guys want a pool? Why not…”

Some of the corporate places were hosting 100+ guests after every round. The same thing happened for the PGA Championship at Baltusrol.

A frient of a friend rented his place near Marion (about 3 miles away) to a player I’ve never heard of and don’t remember, but he only got $4k for the week.

Even out here in the Permian Basin, there were calls to do that for last year’s oil show. People were renting their houses for $2k for the week.