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Not sure if you have seen this (someone will probably paste me the previous discussion where it was mentioned!) but this is worth a look. Since based on the 2007 text - some of the topic areas are a bit out of date and won’t include all the topics. However, Economics was particularly useful

Thanks for the link, very intensive, much more detail than I expected for a free resource.

I have been using this and found it very helpful.

I’ve seen this, it is quite good. Is there a full version available for downloading from Investopedia?

Great resource, thx for the link.

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Great site! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

is there any way to print out the investopedia guid all together?

I suspect there is not. The reason this is free is probably because viewers need to look at lots of webpages and be exposed to advertising.

d11j0d --what is your email address?

I am sorry, I meant to ask for “tmackenz”

Priyanka Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > d11j0d --what is your email address? Hi Priyanka, do you have the printout of investopedia guide all together? Looks very comprehensive. Do you mind to send me one? Thx

priyanka- would you send me the copy as well? thank you!

Hey priyanka would really appreciated if you can sent one this way as well. thank in advance! thank you

Hi Priyanka, Could I get a copy as well? Thank you.

Hi priyanka, Need a copy here :slight_smile:

if it is not too much trouble could I have one too? Thanks.

hi hopefully you can find it in your heart!