Free Market No More

Anyone else have issue with a Republican President interfering with businesses? This should be up to shareholders and management and not bureaucrats. If this is the case, I’m no longer a Republican and simply calling my self a Capitalist.

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Praise Cheesus!

Share some specifics. Not sure what you’re referring to.

Likely referring to Trump using defense contracts as bargaining power so they will keep a subsidiary’s manufacturing in Indiana.

They also got tax breaks and United Tech is still moving a couple/few thousands jobs to Mexico. I don’t think they were strong-armed into keeping that one plant in Indiana. More likely, Pence had this teed up for Trump for an easy win.

Meanwhile, it’s entirely possible that asshat, Jeff Sessions, completely ignores the will of 29 states and 60% of the voting population and crushes legalized marijuana in one signature. He’s a real threat.

I’m referring to Trump/U.S. government interfering with private enterprise.

I don’t think that’s quite the level of specificity Sweep was looking for.

Great pick drumpf with HUD secretary Big Ben Carson

Higgmond, just read the headlines man. As an investor I understand that regulatory risk is part of the game but Presidents and bureaucrats interfering with boardroom and shareholder decision flies in the face of capitalism and the free market.

It’s a pretty bad precedent for the President to go around pressuring random companies to change their business practices for political reasons.

For what it’s worth though, the Carrier thing was definitely a publicity stunt, and I don’t know if they’re going to have time to micromanage like this later on.

You seem to be under the impression that I asked a question.

I’m guessing he’s been reading Trump’ recent tweets which have been, eh, interesting.

$RXN a company singled out by Trump’s tweets.

^haha i saw that

Drumpf is making America great again by micromanaging 1,000 jobs, ensuring tax credits that will ultimately be paid by us and telling the masses “see, I told you so”

The threat is real

Kind of like President Obama going to Jacksonville, FL earlier this year to celebrate the 300 jobs he created by giving Saft $95.5 million?

I think he was referring to Obama’s “free market” clean energy program at Solyndra.

Or maybe his free market campaign against coal.

The point is to get Trump on camera saying how he saved a bunch of jobs, so he can raise public support for whatever else he actually wants to do. In fact, the publicity of the 1000 jobs means that he can keep fewer jobs in the country later and have the same amount of people believe he fulfilled his campaign promise. This is just a big marketing scheme.

So for companies to do well, they’ll need to be in good graces with potus, like a third world country.