free online practice exam

what is the site link ?

I’m not sure what site link you are referring to, but I thought I would share this. I emailed the director for the CFA chapter in Louisville about the legality of some websites that offer free past exams, and here was his response: "Thanks for the email. The fact that you are asking the question tells me you should do well on the ethics part of the exam. I emailed a senior person at CFA Institute and this was the reply: “I think the only way that using someone’s test questions would be a violation of the Code and Standards would be based on how the test questions were obtained. If they are, in fact, actual questions that were memorized by a candidate and then posted, or if someone had an actual exam that they somehow illegally obtained and then posted, I think both the poster and the user would be in violation of the Code. I think you are in the clear to access this site and mock exams.” Thanks, Ben

noted with thanks.

Are you refering to the free sample online exam on the CFAI website? If that is the case, then you login to your account at and it should be there.

I’m not sure what she was referring to, but the site I was referring to is Someone had mentioned that it was illegal to be downloading these files but that is why I checked it out. They are pretty old though, still the “AIMR” not CFAI. But good for practice anyway. Always better to be safe.