Free Research

Anyone have a good place to get some free reseach. Not looking for buy sell reccomendations as much as a detailed and comprehensive breakdown of quartelry/annual numbers and most importantly an identification of inflection points based on macro situations (eg if interest rates/unemployment go up the stock will be effected negatively because x,y,z…).

Thanks in advance.

If you sign up for a brokerage account at one of the big banks, you probably will get access to their research reports…at least some of them…

Free research – your best bet is to check the Bloomberg or perhaps an online portal at your university. There is not a “free” site per se. The whole sell side model is practically a “free” handout to institutional investors anyway – firms push research and then hope clients pay them.

More to the point, what you are talking about doesn’t really exist in sell side research in terms of macro indicators and flow through to specific tickers. That stuff is generally mentioned in reports but I have never in my entire career seen a top down macro piece that says if interest rates fall, stock X should go up 20%, or that if unemployment levels come in at Y, stock Z should be up or down 15%. Most research is very company specific and most sell side analysts are relatively agnostic about the macro picture most of the time except by making general comments like, “We think the economy might shit its pants at any moment, so we’re going to stay with our Hold rating for now – if no pants shitting happens, we’ll probably upgrade the stock after it’s already up 50%.”

There are industry specific reports that pull relevant industry metrics (new home starts for the home building or construction supply industries, for example) but those are not freely available to the public.

You should try to google for Bridgewater’s reports. They don’t release them to the public, but some investors sometimes post HF letters online. is a good place to try.

Open an account with TD Ameritrade, and you’ll instantly get free access to the following research:

  • Credit Suisse
  • Ford Equity Research
  • S&P Capital IQ
  • TheStreet
  • Jaywalk Consensus
  • Vickers
  • ResearchTeam
  • Market Edge

Some employers actually pay for services like Morningstar. I would check and see if this is the case where you work.