Free Sample Exam.....

Is this difficulty close to the mock exams…I am debating on buying them. I just scored a 70 on the free one so I am hoping it is very close to how the exam will be. Any ideas???

I am itching for a response to this, I know there must be lots of you like me studying away all day today haha. Thanks in advance!

Having done 2 samples and 1 mock so far…one huge, yet obvious difference is the 120 questions of the mock vs the 60 of the sample…I thought it was worth doing as others have said the big day is a marathon (allegedly) so well worth doing the 1/2 marathon before hand. Questions seemed similar on both.

I would recommend buying both mocks. It will expose you to CFAI method of asking questions. The samples are good but they do not beat you up for the amount of time that you need to be prepared for. I bought both for USD 100. I took one Wednesday and I will take the other tomorrow after an intensive review of all my notes. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!!

Just took 2 samples, 81.67 on first 70 on the dot on 2nd. Feeling good so far, will take 3rd sample tomorrow and use the combined results to ID weak areas for focus. Thanksgiving weekend is strictly mock exams, have 2 CFAI, 3 Stalla’s, 3 Schweser’s, a 7City plus the 6 AnalystNotes ones.