Free software / data

Instead of Capital IQ type of software / data, what do you guys suggest using for screening and analysis that doesn’t cost anything? I’m currently not working in finance but would like to keep myself sharp to prepare for interviews etc.

Check out AAII - They offer a tool called “Stock Investor Pro” which IMO is the best screening/data analytic software package outside of the big retail ones. EDIT: Whoops, didn’t see you said “free”. That being said, it’s only $250/yr ($200 if you’re a member).

I was going to say this too… AAII is not free, but it’s pretty cheap for what you get. Data is a pared down version of Thomson-Reuters’ data, but should be enough for most purposes.

I’m not a user, but people mention Yahoo Finance a lot…

Not sure if it will be helpful for your particular application, but Damodaran has a lot of stuff on his website:

Thanks guys! I’ve already been using yahoo finance which is excellent. I’m going to have to think about the $250 though, which is pricy for someone with no inflow atm - ha ha.

If you have had a Bloomberg Terminal in the past they will usually provide one for 6 months at no cost. Just call up and ask for them for a transitional license.