free stalla seminar

Are these worth it to go to? Its free but my drive would be about 1.25 hours each way for this. its 3 hours, at least half im guessing is a sales pitch to buy the whole in class course, has anyone been to one of these?

I did, but it was only a 15 min bus ride for me. About 1/4 is sales, and sales customer techniques:) The rest is I believe FSA? The very good thing is that I won a full Stalla scholarship (study guides, study CDs, PassMaster, flashcards, mock exam, all in the enhance system, the other prize was a TI BA II Plus Professional). I don’t think I would have passed without. So, 3 hours, $4 for the buss tickets, and 1/100 (at most) chances to a $1490 prize. For me it was worthed. I would go if I were you.

They have these free sessions on video as well on the internet I think.

They give food, too. Sales, plus part of FSA part I

how was the seminar? any notes available online?

couldn’t make it in the end, work got in the way