Free videos for CFA Level 1?


I am registered for the level 1 exam in December.

After a reading session of several hours through the materials, honestly, I’m sometimes very tired. So, I was thinking about “refreshing” my mind by listening some videos, before beginning another reading session.

Do you know some (if possible free) videos which cover the level 1 program? A good channel on youtube maybe?

Or If I have definitively to pay, which material would you advice?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I assume you haven’t even tried searching it on youtube cause have you had already searched there are loads of free videos these. check “arifirfanullah” on youtube. There are free lectures on every topic

Bionic Turtle

Allen Resources


Elan Guide


Apart from this, if you need some basic statictics videos - you could look at

This is exhaustice list :slight_smile: