Freelance Equity Analyst

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone does Equity Research as a freelancer? Is there any scope for this? I would like to be able to do my own research reports as a freelancer, to earn some money or at least support my application to work as an equity analyst.

I have an MSc in Investment Management with distinction, a BSc in Economics and I am level III candidate in the CFA programme. I already work as an equity analyst (unpaid) but I am not being given much responsibility or salary for work that I complete.

Any tips appreciated!

You can simply start out and publish your analyses on a blog or websites like seeking alpha and motley fool. I would not expect a fat paycheck if I were you, but it might get you the attention needed to land a decent job. Recruiters really like people that can show some work they did. Consider it self-marketing.

There are some people who make a decent living as independent analysts, but they are usually seasoned experts that decided to take a step down from the strict career progression in big companies and opted for a more self-determined work-routine. Most of them do it for the work-life, not for the money.

Is this kind of like how Dalton is a “freelance bouncer” in Road House?

I would agree with this. There is one guy in my sector who most recently worked for Morgan Stanley and then started doing his own thing. Granted, his estimates and price targets have been completely off target recently.