freelance work?

Has anyone succsessfuly done any freelance work to supplement their main income?

where did you find the work?

So far I have looked at elance, which seems ok, but I would love to hear from some people with experience if I could

I used to volunteer as a test subject for academic research. Sometimes, you get something like pain sensitivity test, and those pay pretty well.

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Yea, If you’re young / just out of college I recommend a student organization known as AIESEC. They’ll help you build a network incredibly fast if your idea is somewhat in synch with what they have available.

I know a couple of guys who used to earn some pocket money in college by building websites for people across the globe through this organization. It’s turned into a full fledged business allowing them to earn enough to globe trot and make money on the road.

What’s the idea?

unfortunately im about 4 years out of college. Thanks for the tip though.

basically id be looking for anything to supplement my income and was hoping it could be something where I could put my work experience or knowledge I have gained studying for the CFA to use.

no ones done any side work?

Ive done a bit of freelance work, mostly through Elance as you mentioned, but winning the work is few and far between. At the end of the day, price is the most important factor that employers use to decide on who to give work to, and it is almost impossible to compete with those from developing nations. The price they want on jobs is just too low to make it worthwhile for most from western countries to bother doing.

Other than that, I have done some freelance work in a niche economics area through a contact I have made which pays very well, about US$5000 for 2 days work. Unfortunately, I wish it would happen more often, but has happened only once.

thanks for the input. That is also what ive heard about elance.

Elance is a swamp. I’ve done some lucrative work there, but weeding through the nonsense and winning projects ahead of the Indians charging $25/hr is tough. Occasionally you’ll get a BSD that is looking for quality and doesn’t mine paying up. That said, I have had time to chase any leads down there in awhile. Perhaps I’ll be back after landscaping season. Also - if you can write there is SeekingAlpha.

good idea on the seeking alpha