Frequent E-Book Updates

Hey guys, first time this is happening, so I’m just wondering if you guys are experiencing the same thing as well.

Recently, there’s been frequent downloads on my CFA Curriculum e-book, especially Volume 1-4, typically once every 2-3 weeks since mid-December. I have no idea where to check the update notes for these downloads, so I decided to ask here.

Thank you for your time and sorry if this question has been asked before.

edit: I always checked the cfa institute errata after every download but nothing seems to change.

I’ve reported errata to CFAI, so thinking the next errata release may be a big one.

in my past experience the electronic version of the current text book never gets updated for errata.

maybe you had a bad connection and as a result you never downloaded the full book.

check with vitalsource as to why this is happening.

I also experience frequent downloads on my CFA and Schweser text books. I am going to check to see if the errata is actually integrated into the latest downloaded books. I just assumed it was, until I read this thread.

Great. I just downloaded the Schweser Notes Volume 4. Page 136 question 3 is still different than the errata.

I never look at the errata, well I haven’t looked recently, but have noticed frequent updates. I’ve also had the app crash and lock me out of my books, I went off on them on Twitter eventually. I am actually making pretty good progress, though obviously never as good of progress as I would like. I think the online practice problems / practice exams are more important than the readings, I still wish all the end of chapter questions were in the form of exam questions. Some of the questions are just licensed from textbooks. It is definitely easier to grade the multiple choice questions when you’re studying alone too.

Hopefully the errata gets updated into the ebooks, otherwise what is the point of the updates?